Red Marker – Garner Park- Registration, Kayak launch, Race start and finish, Lunch, Awards presentation all happen here.

Blue Marker – McNeill Park (canal entrance) –  This is an excellent vantage point to watch the kayakers turn into the canal system.

Yellow Marker – Mimosa Bridge – A great place to watch the racers as they hit approximately the halfway point of the race as they pass under the bridge.

Green Marker – Canal Exit – From this point, the racers make a turn east and bolt for the finish line at Garner Park.  Depending on the winds race day, this is either a walk in the park or an all out effort.

Purple Marker – The North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores – This is the venue for the Warrior reception and auctions that will take place Thursday evening, June 1nd, 2017.

Dark Blue Marker – The Inn at Pine Knoll Shores – reference point for the 5K Challenge Run – May 27, 2017.